Counseling Services

imageAssessment – Before counseling begins, we must complete an assessment, which is done in the home, community, or at our Counseling Center. The assessment looks at the youth’s needs, problems, strengths, and supports to help identify and diagnose behavioral, emotional and substance abuse problems. The assessment is used to guide the services and treatment that the youth receives.

Individual Counseling services are conducted by our licensed Therapist. Youths with behavioral, emotional, and substance  abuse problems qualify for these services.

Group Counseling is offered to youths that require counseling in Substance Abuse, Sexually Offending Behavior, and Anger Management. These sessions vary in size and structure based upon the service needed. Only licensed professionals conduct our Group Counseling sessions.

Family Counseling is provided by a Licensed Counselor for the guardian and family of youths with behavioral, emotional and/or substance abuse problems. The services are provided with or without the presence of youth.

Family Training – Curriculum based, specialized Family Training is provided to the guardians of youths with behavioral, emotional and/or substance abuse problems. Nursing Assessments, Health Services Health/Addiction assessment and monitoring services are provided by nurses licensed by the State of Georgia. Services also include nutritional assessment and patient education.

imageIntensive Intervention Services (IFI)  provides community-based rehabilitation and intervention services to youths and their families that have or are suspected of having a DSM-IV diagnosis. Services are provided through a team approach that includes intensive therapeutic services that provide links to community based agencies. The team comprises a licensed clinical therapist and 2/3 additional mental health/substance abuse professionals. Up to 90 days of intensive services is provided with 3-5 visits per week. Service is available 24/7 for youths and their families experiencing crisis.

Psychiatrist – A Board certified Psychiatrist with experience in child and adolescent mental health/substance abuse provides Psychiatric Assessment & Medication Management.

Nursing Services are provided by a qualified, licensed Nurse to support the needs your facility. The Nurse is available to answer staff questions about a youth’s health concerns. Once per month, random drug testing is conducted and vital checks are performed (heart beat, temperature, weight, and blood pressure).

Health/Addiction assessment and monitoring services are provided by Nurses licensed by the State of Georgia. Services also include Nutritional assessment and patient education.

Para Professional – Community-based support and training is offered by our qualified team to those youths that require additional services to transition back into the community.

“We provide exemplary service 24/7.  Allow us to partner with you to provide services that our youths deserve.”

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