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studying Untreated mental health problems can disrupt a client’s ability to function at home, in school and within the  community. Without treatment, a client with mental health issues is at increased risk to school failure, an  introduction to the criminal justice system, dependence on social services, and even suicide.

 Covenant Youth Empowerment (CYE) is dedicated to helping our clients live mentally healthier lives. Our  organization represents a growing movement of Healthcare Professionals that promote mental wellness for the health  and wellbeing of the client in crisis. We are committed to the advancement of the client as competent, self-sufficient  and productive members of society.

At-Risk Youths in School

At-risk youths continue to defy the traditional educational setting and perform at a lesser rate than youths that are not at risk. Youths in the at-risk population, have a difficult time staying on task during academic classroom activities. What is clear is that the unique needs of the educationally disadvantaged at-risk youth can benefit by the intervention of trained caring mental health care professionals.

CYE is passionately committed to provide intensive and comprehensive mental health care services to help families. We will provide assistance to keep your youth safe and healthy, in school and out of trouble and in partnership with local public and private agencies within the Atlanta and Texas Areas.

Further, to help the youth stay on track, our staff at CYE will visit their school regularly to obtain attendance reports, report cards, and have discussions with the teachers and school staff about their progress. In the unlikely event your youth has been placed on disciplinary probation, our staff is available to represent your organization during school hearings.

Covenant Youth Empowerment provides round the clock dedicated services throughout our commitment.

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